1. Why would God be able to hear only wordless prayers?
2. How could a dog’s sense of smell be as conclusive as DNA testing?
3. What is the connection between a Sufi poet, a troubadour, and a contemporary singer-songwriter from Ireland?
4. What does it mean, to heal vicariously?
5. Why would an ancient Roman emperor, who was also a philosopher, say: “Live each day as though your last”?
6. How can a 7-cent guitar pick be the turning point in the heroine’s life, and the catalyst to a whole chain of events?
7. Why would a painter exhibit her work in a dark, damp and inaccessible cave high up in the mountains?
8. If dreams are self-fabricated, how could the heroine dream of things she does not know, yet actually exist?
9. What is love from afar? And, how can it thrive on absence?

Quotations from DAYS IN HEAVEN

“There’s only one advantage about serenading a lady in the rain. Should she throw a pailful of water at me, I wouldn’t know the difference.”
What he did realize was that the train was gliding across Provence, the ancient troubadours’ original stamping ground. His urge to sing and play was stronger than ever, and unstoppable.
It seemed as if this unsought and blurred memory attempted to remind her of a similar state of powerlessness she had succumbed to many, many years earlier, perhaps even before, or rather shortly before, she was born.
But if one doesn’t cry out one’s helplessness, how’s anyone to hear?
The one thing she was beginning to realize was that one should not ask in words of what may as well lie before words.
You’ve been with me all along. I left you with pieces of your soul sewn to my heart. This may explain why it aches so much--the stitching, you see, was a bit hasty.
If I were to feel sorry for every wretch in this world I wouldn’t have time to feel sorry for myself.
The night is for love. Let other people sleep through the night and wreck their relationships during the day. If you were here with me, I wouldn’t, couldn’t sleep. In your absence, I’m equally sleepless. Then perhaps you are here, as a presence. So I stay up. These moments are all I have.
Every day I become more myself. I am now exactly what I am in every respect.
What will happen next, no one can tell, but one thing I know: every string I’ll pick, every chord I’ll strum, every word I’ll sing, I’ll be thinking of you.
In a flash, she could clearly perceive the strange events of her life since her first trip to Europe as many steps leading her ultimately to this place high amid the clouds.
More than visible, I am participable.

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